“A Tale of Long Distance Empiricism”

The difficult part in every relationship is when you live apart and unable to meet in a frequent basis. Where in staying in touch is the only key that makes the long-distance relationship work. You are holding on the promises of trust, loyalty and honesty of oneself.
Long distance relationship isn’t always that bad. But it also depends on the people involved, the depth of the relationship, and how badly the two people are willing to work for it. It teaches you self control, as it would the other person. It shows how serious you really are about something.
We were good as casual friends in high school way back 2001-2002. We have a lot of friends in common. We were too busy shaping our lives and our individual undertaking. Midyear of 2011, with the help of Facebook and Skype we get a chance to meet again and discourse about our whereabouts which was out of our hunched. Our conversation started with “Hi & Hello” and not even realizing that it’s no longer a casual talk. After one year of our casual conversations turned out to be spontaneous and deeper. Indisputably, “why don’t give it a whirl to be in relationship?” so we both agreed since we are perfectly single.
Like the normal LD relationship, we also struggle. We both work in the Middle East so time is no longer an issue but the work timing is somehow revolting. Fortunately, we’ve been in relation for 4.7 years (Not to mention our ups and downs) and that span of senility teaches us an abounding discovery to each other. A lot of adjustments to beget where in one will compromise to sleep late and vice versa in order to patch things up about our occurrence on that particular day. Facebook, Skype, Gmail (name it!) and other source of LDR paraphernalia are the only way that we could stay connected. Lucky us that electricity in the Middle East is quite cheaper compare to Philippines, otherwise it would be a turmoil to us, lol!
Explicitly, our first met was in Singapore. We had so much fun as we did experienced cruising in different countries like Bangkok and Vietnam. We even got into the pinnacle of the cruise where in we imitated the scene of jack and rose (Titanic Movie) lol! The breeze of the sea was so perfect for our first date. Everything was so impeccable and foolproof.

Things may not run smoothly right after our meet up because distance sanctioned us to separate again for some reasons. One thing for sure,  we are ready to obverse the next chapter  of our lives. As what they said, “There are no wrong turnings,only paths we had not known we were meant to walk”.  Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.  Who would have thought that we would reached this far. We got married last June 25,2016, and took our vacation in Europe ( Barcelona, Paris, Italy and Greece, Athens).  Exploring the world is not really our priority,  but we know that it was a great gift from SOMEONE above and we are just so blessed to experienced and unleashed our well being to other countries. We are very thankful for His outpouring blessings. Right after our vacation , again we parted ways .  Though distance simply means separation in place but never in connections. But we would be eminently delighted if we could be connected fleetly  where LDR would  no longer exist between us and could no longer separated us in place.  Home where the family resides  and we know that  we will be together in due time. In God’s time everything is possible .

Thank you for reading and we hope this article finds you entertaining!


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