Moalboal 2014

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When people go through hardships in life, they often become resentful and frustrated for having struggled more than others. Even when they make it big, they are selfish, arrogant, boastful, disrespectful, and so on. It seems that in the way to pursuing a better future, their hearts were hardened by the circumstances they had to endure. It is understandable that suffering and pain can cause any person to feel the most negative emotions; the difference is in getting over them, particularly when people’s goals have been satisfactorily met. Life is hard, no doubt. Fortunately, we can learn to be better people without forgetting where we came from, the people behind our success. The reason of who we are in the future, because without them, without the pain they cause, without the hardship they have given, without the happiness we shared with them, without the experience from them you wouldn’t realize and become who you are right now. Sharing what you have and what you have become with your family and closest friends is the most rewarding feeling to achieve in life

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